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Public prosecution offices and LKAs/BKA

Collection of digital evidence, analysis and processing for law enforcement measures

White-collar crime boutiques

Preparation of complex digital evidence and efficient processing of white-collar crime cases


Identification collection and analysis of digital evidence

Your unique case

Identification and analysis of specific digital evidence

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Legal expertise

eagle combines eDiscovery with legal expertise in all projects.

Technical expertise

We work with leading eDiscovery solutions and always find individual solutions when necessary.

Partner-focused process management

eagle adapts to your needs to create a collaborative team to meet the challenge.

Tailored end products

We develop outputs that meet your requirements, taking into account the legal challenges in your case.

Cost efficiency

Together we define the search and review logic to save time and costs after launch.

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Together we agree on the subject of the study and translate the goal into technical parameters.

Data collection

At the beginning, irrelevant data sets are sorted out. If necessary, a data backup is made beforehand.


Data is collected in required formats and complete with "checks and balances" and forensic methods.


We work closely with partners and use specialized reviewers. We continuously optimize the evaluations.


We deliver structured and directly usable work results in compatible formats with summaries and references.

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